JDRF-supported research resources

Samples for biomarker studies

Human Pancreatic Islets for Basic Science Studies

The UIC Microfluidic-Based Beta Cell Functional Analysis Facility:
This functional analysis facility will provide an analysis and characterization service for emerging islet cell derivatives including hESCs/hiPSCs, microencapsulated islets/hESCs/hiPSCs, as well as screening of potential pharmaceutical agents for diabetes treatment.

RNAi/Lentigenic/Transgenic Mouse Construction:
(Transgenic services are offered through the CITDH’s manipulated NOD mouse core. Germline manipulation is performed directly in NOD mice: classic transgenesis by pronuclear injection of DNA, or genomic introduction of lentiviral vectors by micro-infection, in particular for the delivery of RNAi transgenes.

Collection of transgenics and knockout mice on the NOD background:
(A collection of genetically modified NOD mice, which include gene knockouts with deficiencies in the major molecular or cellular components of the autoimmune reaction, transgenic mice with transgenes that accelerate or prevent Type-1 diabetes, and “driver” transgenic lines for islet-specific expression of regulated transgenes.


Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes (nPOD)

JDRF-funded or co-funded initiatives: