Industry Research Partnerships

The Industry Discovery and Development Program (IDDP) aims to promote for-profit interest in JDRF’s mission to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its complications. JDRF IDDP funding is available to support research programs in companies or for-profit entities worldwide, either publicly or privately held, focused on a priority area within JDRF’s mission. IDDP provides a mechanism and opportunity for JDRF to foster long-term collaborative relationships with industry, taking promising T1D research through discovery and development and toward commercialization.

For more information about applying for an IDDP grant, please contact Olivia Lou, Ph.D., Director of External Scientific Partnerships, at or 212-479-7606.

If you would also like to inquire with the JDRF T1D Fund, an independently managed venture philanthropy fund that makes early-stage commercial investments, please contact Maureen Suda, Head of Communications & Engagement, at

Current Partnerships

Our current portfolio includes the following industry partnerships:

Therapeutic Pipeline

JDRF funds life-changing T1D research, which is leading the way to better treatments, prevention and, one day, a world without T1D. These are the current portfolio partners:

Industry Partnerships

Company Description Discovery/
Clinical Trials
Artificial Pancreas
QuLab Medical Ltd. Minimally-Invasive Dual CGM-CKM Patch
Ypsomed Open-Protocol Insulin Pump
Beta Cell Replacement
Giner Inc. Advanced Oxygen Generator for Oxygenated Cell Capsules
IVIVA Vascularized Islet Transplant for the Treatment of T1D
IBM T1D Disease Modeling

Completed Partnerships

Industry Partnerships

Company Description
Artificial Pancreas
Animas Corporation + Dexcom Development of a semi-closed-loop insulin delivery system utilizing the Animas insulin pump and Dexcom continuous glucose sensor
Arecor Stable ultra-concentrated insulin compositions
AstraZeneca Insulin/pramlintide combination for the treatment of T1D (NCT02500979, NCT01708044)
BD Diabetes Care Insulin infusion partnership
Glucose binding protein based continuous glucose monitor (NCT01469715)
Artificial pancreas system with advanced integrated CGM sensor and infusion set
BD Technologies Understanding CSII-induced inflammation for the design of a robust extended wear continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion set
Cam Med Evopump: The first truly bandage-like patch pump
Capillary Biomedical CSII catheter with rapid on/off PK-PD, consistent PK-PD, and extended lifetime to 14 days
Dose Safety Company Evaluation of FL controller during exercise and high CHO/high fat meals
EOFlow Miniaturized wearable disposable artificial pancreas system that integrates a continuous glucose sensor and an insulin pump
GluSense Prototype development and preclinical evaluation of an innovative cell based, implantable continuous glucose monitor (CGM)
Latitude Pharmaceuticals Stabilized glucagon nanoemulsions
Medtronic Orthogonally redundant glucose sensor
Pacific Diabetes Technologies Accuracy of glucose sensing technologies (NCT03528174)
SFC Fluidics Patch pump with open-protocol communication
Tandem Dual drug infusion pump for insulin and pramlintide (Symlin®)
Thermalin Ultra-rapid insulin analogs with shortened duration of signaling
Tidepool Commercialization of Loop (NCT03838900)
Xeris Pharmaceuticals Non-aqueous glucagon to enable outpatient studies with a bi-hormonal pump (NCT03424044)
Beta Cell Regeneration
Aspect Biosystems Ltd. Microfluidic-based 3D bioprinting technology for immune-protected implantable beta cell therapy
Biogen Treatment with an Fn14 agonist as a potential approach to achieve islet cell reconstitution in T1D
TWEAK as a potential pancreatic regeneration factor
California Institute for Biomedical Rese Calibr-JDRF translational academic research partnership
Develogen Discovery and development of beta cell regeneration drugs for T1D
GNF Novartis Discovering new biology and translating this knowledge into innovative treatments for T1D
Novel strategies for inducing antigen-specific immune tolerance in T1D
Development of novel methods for beta cell selective delivery of therapeutic agents
Housey Pharmaceutical Discovery and development of antidiabetic drugs
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Discovery of novel gastrointestinal factors that enhance beta cell growth
Beta cell regeneration biologics discovery
Transition Therapeutics Stimulation of islet cell regeneration in T1D with GLP-1 and gastrin
Beta Cell Replacement
Athersys Genome-wide discovery of pancreatic islet cell differentiation factors using MAPC adult stem cells
Beta-02 Phase I, IIa with human islets (ßAir study) (NCT02064309)
Defymed Allogenic preclinical validation of the bioartificial pancreas, MAILPAN®
ES Cell International Isolation of clinically-compliant human embryonic stem cells
Frequency Therapeutics Creation of human glucose-responsive, insulin-sensitive cells
Living Cell Technologies An open-label investigation in New Zealand of the safety and effectiveness of DIABECELL® in patients with T1D (NCT00940173)
Lockheed Martin Graphene composite membranes for nano-enabled macroencapsulation
Noveome Biotherapeutics Differentiation of amnion-derived cells to clinically viable islets for transplantation
Plureon Corporation Generation of pancreatic beta cells from pluripotent adult stem cells in human adipose tissue
Sanofi + Genzyme Development partnership for T1D therapeutics development
Sernova Cell Pouch Study (NCT03513939)
Ximerex Islet transplantation into animal models using chimeric donor animals
AGTC Study of anti-neovascular genes for treatment of diabetic retinopathy
Genentech Ranibizumab (Lucentis®) for edema of the macula in diabetes: A phase II study—the READ 2 study (NCT00407381)
Combined approach to treatment using ranibizumab (Lucentis®) and efalizumab for diabetic macular edema study: The CAPTURE study (NCT00676559)
Ranibizumab (Lucentis®) for edema of the macula in diabetes: Protocol 3 with high dose—the READ 3 study (NCT01077401)
iCo Therapeutics iCo-007 as monotherapy or in combination with ranibizumab (Lucentis®) in the treatment of diabetic macular edema (the iDEAL study) (NCT01565148)
KalVista The development of intravitreal plasma kallikrein inhibitors (KDV001) for diabetic macular edema (DME) (NCT02193113)
Sangamo BioSciences A phase II clinical trial of SB-509, a novel VEGF-activator, in patients with diabetic neuropathy (NCT00406458, NCT01079325)
Glucose Control
Amylin Pharmaceuticals Combined metreleptin and insulin therapy for T1D (NCT01268644)
Gubra Glucose-responsive insulin linkers
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals LX4211 (sotagliflozin) in T1D with high unmet need (NCT02383940)
Protomer Technologies Development of glucose responsive insulin analogues with enhanced pharmacokinetics
Engineering and therapeutic optimization of glucose responsive insulins toward finalized candidates to preclinical development
SmartCells Proof-of-concept for an injectable, glucose-regulated insulin for T1D (NCT02269735)
vTv Therapeutics Adjunctive Insulin Therapy (TTP399) (NCT0333537)
Zucara Therapeutics Preclinical drug development of somatostatin receptor 2 antagonists for the prevention of recurrent hypoglycemia in T1D
Immune Therapies
Avidex Monoclonal T cell receptor therapeutics in the treatment of T1D
Axxam Identification of Kv1.3 blockers for the treatment of T1D
Discovery research of innovative immunosuppressant for prevention of T1D
Bayhill Therapeutics Phase I clinical trial of BHT-3021, an antigen-specific immunotherapeutic DNA vaccine for T1D (NCT00453375)
EpiVax T1D tolerance induction with natural regulatory T cell epitopes
Immunocore A novel monoclonal T cell receptor therapeutic targeted towards a proprietary antigen associated with T1D
Just Biotherapeutics Development of a bioequivalent alefacept (anti-CD2) through IND filing
MacroGenics A phase II/III, randomized, double-blind study to evaluate efficacy and safety of teplizumab (MGA031), an anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody, in children and adults with recent-onset T1D (NCT00385697)
REGiMMUNE Antigen-specific therapeutic RGI-3100 for T1D
SAB Biotherapeutics
Selecta Biosciences Diabetes antigen specific tolerance induction by targeted nanoparticles
TetraGenetics Targeting antibodies to immune cells
Tolerx Human clinical trials of TRX4 (otelixizumab), an anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody, in patients with T1D (NCT00451321, NCT00678886)
CoMentis Proof-of-concept testing of GTS-21, a selective ±7-nAChR agonist, to prevent or delay the onset of T1D
Proof-of-concept testing of mecamylamine (ATG-003) as topical anti-angiogenic therapy in patients with diabetic macular edema (NCT00536692)
DiabetOmics Point-of-care assays for detection of islet autoantibodies (Insudex)
IBM T1D disease modeling expansion
Osiris Therapeutics Prochymal for the treatment of patients with new onset T1D
Wave 80 Biosciences Fast, inexpensive, tetraplex detection of T1D-associated autoantibodies by FRET

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