With JDRF permission, grantees may transfer their grant, provided that both the old and the new institutions agree to the grant transfer. Any unspent funds must be returned to the JDRF (see guidelines for return of unexpended funds, below). A written request for JDRF approval to transfer an existing JDRF grant to a new institution must be sent via RMS360 (under the ‘Upload Other Documents’ section) and must include the following:

  1. A letter, co-signed by the Principal Investigator and administrative official at the new institution, confirming the Principal Investigator’s new appointment. The letter must indicate support of the new institution for the project and must also include the following information:
        a) Updated contact information for the Principal Investigator, including complete address, telephone, fax, and email
        b) The Principal Investigator’s start date at the new institution
        c) The Principal Investigator’s end date at the old institution
        d) The name and address of the responsible Financial Officer at the new institution to whom funds should be sent
        e) The name, title, and contact information of the person at the new institution who will keep a full account of disbursements
  2. An updated approval form for the use of animals and/or humans in the conduct of research from the new institution’s regulatory assurance panel(s) or board(s) (if applicable)
  3. A letter from the Administrative Officer at the Principal Investigator’s former institution releasing the JDRF award to the new institution
  4. A check for any unexpended funds (see above)
  5. A final expenditure report with General Ledger detail from the Principal Investigator’s former institution outlining JDRF grant funds spent to-date, due within 60 days of the PI’s stated end date at their former institution

A final expenditure report (including general ledger) is required before the release of funds to the new institution. JDRF Grant Staff will review the award transfer request and, if approved, will notify the awardee of approval.