Award Nominations

JDRF will request online nomination submissions for the 2020 Rumbough Award and Grodsky Award later this year. Stay tuned for deadlines and how to make a nomination.

Submissions should include the following information:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Nominee’s First Name
  • Nominee’s Last Name
  • Nominee’s Institution
  • Nominee’s Area of Expertise
  • Pioneering, seminal, meritorious contribution to Type 1 Diabetes, including role of nominee (200 characters):
  • How has this contribution changed research directions of Type 1 Diabetes, been translated, and/or had clinical impact on Type 1 Diabetes? (200 character)

Please contact with any questions.

The JDRF Rumbough Award
The JDRF David Rumbough Award, established in 1974 by actress Dina Merrill in honor of her late son, David, acknowledges an individual who has made outstanding achievements in the field of type 1 diabetes that have significantly accelerated the JDRF mission.

View past Rumbough Award recipients here

The JDRF Grodsky Award
The Gerold and Kayla Grodsky Basic Research Scientist Award, established in 1993 by a gift from Gerold and Kayla Grodsky, recognizes a basic research scientist who has made outstanding pioneering contributions to type 1 diabetes research.  JDRF established the award to honor the contributions of Dr. Grodsky’s diabetes research at the University of California at San Francisco over four decades.  The award is a check presented annually to a Ph.D. researcher.

View past Grodsky Award recipients here

Reviewer Thank You

JDRF is strongly committed to conducting extensive internal and external peer review prior to funding any research project. Peer review is indispensable to operating the world’s largest and most highly regarded public T1D research program. JDRF wishes to thank all the external reviewers who help JDRF evaluate research proposals.