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Collaborative Advancement of Cures for T1D

Deadlines are 5:00 PM (Eastern). No extensions will be granted.

Milestone Date Status
Letter of Intent Required Dec 08, 2022 Passed
Application Feb 13, 2023 Passed
Award Notification Jul 31, 2023 Passed
Earliest Start Sep 30, 2023 Passed

Background & Purpose

Please click on the “RFA Announcement” link for complete information.


JDRF, the world’s leading non-profit organization with the mission to cure T1D, aspires to accelerate the development of therapies to prevent, slow, halt or reverse disease progression and provide insulin independence to all those at risk or affected by T1D. Major advancement continues to be made in therapies that protect beta cell survival and function, disrupt the autoimmune attack on beta cells, and provide insulin and restore glycemic control through the use of beta cell transplantation. JDRF seeks to rapidly expand upon and translate these approaches to clinical trials to benefit patients at all stages of disease. Achieving this goal and addressing major advancement of therapies will require expanded resources and broad multidisciplinary expertise, likely more than can be achieved in a single grant or by individual laboratories. Therefore, the goal of this invitation is the development of research collaboratives consisting of at least two or three laboratories aligned in constructing a multifaceted and coordinated approach to advancing the development of cures for T1D. Aligned laboratories should each contribute unique and complementary expertise, approaches, and capabilities necessary for achieving the overall aim of the proposal. Studies that describe a multifaceted approach to advance research along the development pipeline toward clinical translation will be prioritized.

To view the informational webinar that took place on November 9th, please click here.