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Development and Validation of Non-Invasive Immune Imaging Technology to Accelerate the Development of Beta Cell Replacement Therapies

Deadlines are 5:00 PM (Eastern). No extensions will be granted.

Milestone Date Status
Letter of Intent Required Aug 30, 2022 Passed
Application Oct 12, 2022 Passed
Award Notification Apr 30, 2023 Passed
Earliest Start Jun 30, 2023 Passed

Background & Purpose

Please click on the “RFA Announcement” link for complete information.


JDRF seeks applications to support preclinical and clinical research into the development and in vivo validation of medical imaging technology for non-invasive in vivo monitoring of immune responses to transplanted insulin-producing cells. The immune response to transplanted cells is complex and dynamic, and much remains to be learned about the mechanisms of immune rejection. These technologies provide a unique opportunity to elucidate these mechanisms by enabling non-invasive longitudinal assessments and tracking of immune cell activation, trafficking, and targeting of the beta cell graft. Access to such technology would greatly accelerate the evaluation and optimization of approaches currently under development to modulate immune responses to transplanted cells so as to evade the immune response and/or promote acceptance and operational tolerance. Moreover, once translated into the clinic, these tools could be used for monitoring patients that have received beta cell transplants to identify potential adverse immune reactions that may impact the graft and enable implementation of targeted interventions to rescue the graft prior to loss of function.

To view the informational webinar that took place on August 9th, please click here.