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Repositioning Drugs to Improve Metabolic Control in Established Type 1 Diabetes

Deadlines are 5:00 PM (Eastern). No extensions will be granted.

Milestone Date Status
Letter of Intent Required Sep 26, 2019 Passed
Application Nov 14, 2019 Passed
Award Notification Mar 31, 2020 Passed
Earliest Start Jul 01, 2020 Passed

Background & Purpose

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JDRF is committed to accelerating the development of therapies that can complement insulin (i.e. adjunctive therapies) to improve metabolic outcomes in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D). A promising strategy to advance new therapies for T1D is to reposition drugs from other indications. To this end, we invite applications to identify or validate drugs with regulatory approval for non-T1D indications, or in advanced clinical development for non-T1D indications, to be repositioned as adjunctive therapies for established T1D, i.e. insulin-requiring T1D.


Insulin is necessary but not sufficient for most people with T1D to achieve optimal glycemic control and other metabolic outcomes. Adjunctive therapies (e.g. pramlintide, SGLT inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists) improve outcomes, but few such therapies are currently approved for T1D. The barriers to bringing forward adjunctive therapies include the long duration and high cost of drug development, as well as the unknown safety profiles of novel drugs. These challenges can be substantially mitigated by repositioning (aka repurposing) drugs that are already approved or in clinical development for other indications such as type 2 diabetes or diseases seemingly unrelated to T1D. This RFA is intended to advance repositioning efforts to expand the armamentarium of T1D adjunctive therapies.