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Conference Grants

Background & Purpose

CLICK HERE for the complete Conference Grant Mechanism Description

JDRF supports scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops relevant to its mission. Applications for conference support are accepted for consideration throughout the year. Note that the JDRF Conference Grant does not provide individual support to an applicant for conference attendance. For more information, visit the Conference Grant mechanism description.


Each criterion will be considered in the context of how it relates to JDRF research priorities:

  1.  How does the meeting/conference relate to JDRF goals?
  2. What is the format and agenda?
  3. What is the need for the meeting/conference?
  4. What is the timeliness of the meeting/conference?
  5. What are the qualifications of the organizers and proposed participants?
  6. What is the past performance of the meeting/conference (when applicable)?
  7. How appropriate is the meeting site?
  8. How appropriate is the budget?