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Glycemic and Beta Cell Monitoring in Individuals at Risk of Type 1 Diabetes

Deadlines are 5:00 PM (Eastern). No extensions will be granted.

Milestone Date Status
Letter of Intent Required Jan 25, 2024 Passed
Application Mar 08, 2024 Passed
Award Notification Jul 30, 2024 Next
Earliest Start Oct 01, 2024

Background & Purpose

Please click on the “RFA Announcement” link above for complete information.


JDRF is the world’s leading non-profit organization with the mission to improve the lives of people with T1D by accelerating breakthroughs for T1D. JDRF eagerly awaits the submission of pioneering research proposals aimed at advancing our understanding of glycemic changes during disease progression in presymptomatic individuals, with the potential to improve progression biomarkers and monitoring their transition to clinical diagnosis. The knowledge gained in this RFA may eventually be applicable to support regulatory decisions and be part of monitoring guidelines, enabling more effective early identification and timely intervention by healthcare professionals, including the use of innovative treatments like the recent FDA-approved teplizumab treatment, as well as other immunotherapies currently in clinical trials. As such, its implementation would mark a significant milestone in the pursuit of delaying or preventing T1D and its associated complications.

Informational Webinar and Q&A

JDRF will hold an announcement introduction meeting via Zoom on December 20th at 10-11am Eastern Time to which all prospective applicants are invited. JDRF scientists will give an overview of the goals of this initiative, explain the application process, and answer initial questions on applications.

Registration for Webinar: